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how about NO

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To our resident Cucumber, Nose Picker, and Shoulder Dancer~

Thank you for all of the smiles and laughs you have brought to the faces of BBCs all around the world. Your mood making skills liven us all up and we hope to see it continue. 

We know it’s been a long and hard journey for you, but thanks for sticking with us, and BBCs will always be here to support you as well. 

Hope you have a wonderful Jiji party, I mean birthday Park Kyung!

Aight~ ^.^

Inspired by (x)

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"Rice cakes are very sticky. We are like the rice cakes." - Namjoon about his relationship with Hoseok (Namseok for junghobis)

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Happy Birthday, cutie :33 #AightKyungDay

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♡ love love love ♡
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mission... accomplished?

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1/? of B.A.P lyrics; 음성메시지

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playing with colours part two: peach, #f7ebdd

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he tried but then

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♡ you’re the cutest ♡
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